Second Skin: a solo audio adventure

Second Skin is a world-premiere performance playing October 25-November 4, 2018 as part of the Twin Cities Horror Festival. Follow the links below for more information. 

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About the show

October 25-November 4, 2018
Southern Theater
1420 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis
Part of the Twin Cities Horror Festival

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must book your ticket in advance for this experience. No tickets will be available at the door. Buy online (link coming soon), or call the Twin Cities Horror Festival box office at 651-302-3750 for availability.

Erin Olson is a fourth generation medium, a person who talks to spirits. Unfortunately, her recent death has hindered her ability to work. Now she needs an assistant, a conduit to the living world. You're invited to interview for this position. Come along and try your hand at contacting the spirit realm, but know that whether or not the spirits can be put to rest is up to you. This audio-driven, site-specific adventure for a single audience member takes you around the West Bank neighborhood, and is powered by an interactive app.

Second Skin makes you the protagonist in an interactive horror adventure. Wear comfy shoes, bring your cell phone, and dress for the weather, because your journey will take you away from the safety of the Southern Theater. 

Ticket link coming soon.

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artist profiles

Shalee Coleman (Assistant Director) is an early career theatrical director who works in the Twin Cities. She graduated from Hamline University in 2013, and is a National Theater Institute Spring 2012 Alumnus. Shalee has previously worked with 20% Theatre Company, Freshwater Theatre, Theatre Unbound, Uprising Theatre Company and has self-produced work under Play-dot. Her aesthetic has been described as poetic as she blends movement, dance, and scene-work. Shalee almost exclusively chooses world or regional premiere work and favors heavy playwright involvement. A proponent of Own Voices, Shalee's work often puts issues of social justice at the forefront

Shannon Elliot (Production Designer) earned her generals at Anoka-Ramsey Community College and her B.A. in Theatre from University of Northwestern-St Paul. She works as a tech manager at Minnehaha Academy and is also a freelance lighting designer in the cities. Her experience includes sound production, installation art, acting, and theater education. 

Jay Gilman (Observing Director) is a theater director and producer. He has directed, assisted and observed at Baltimore Center Stage and their Maryland Young Playwrights Festival, Philadelphia Young Playwrights, Steel River Playhouse, Woolly Mammoth, Fells Point Corner Theatre, Baltimore Playwrights Festival & Glass Mind's Brainstorm Festival. Jay is Artistic Director of Minnesota Fringe; a member of the SDC Foundation's 2018-19 Observership Program; and an Associate Member of SDC

Margo Gray (Director) is pleased to be bringing Playable Artworks' interactive style back to the Twin Cities Horror Festival. She holds an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and has worked in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Moscow, and London. Learn more at

Kassha Lisinski (Sound Designer) is a neurodivergent mixed-white/mestizx enby artist, writer, designer, and hermit residing in Minneapolis since 2016. They are way excited to be part of Playable Artwork’s experimental horror theatre, and can think of nothing better than sonically scaring the pants off of participants one screechety scrash/ghost whisper at a time. They have previously designed sound (and video) for (sorta) traditional theatre projects with Patrick’s Cabaret, 20% Theatre, and See-Saw Theatre via Fringe Festival, to name a few. Other experimentations and hobbies have included creating immersive multimedia woodland environments, extreme multitasking with Queertopia MPLS, intermedia poetics, marathoning stacks of library book reserves before auto-renewals run out, and making friends with cats. They are most open to human communication when approached slowly with offers of paying gigs or discussion of fandom arts, apocryphal texts, and alter-futurisms.

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Audience FAQ

Not sure if an "interactive horror adventure" is for you? Wondering what to bring on your journey? Visit our Audience FAQ for answers to these and many other questions. 

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so pleased to hear you're joining us

If you've already purchased your tickets, be on the lookout for an e-mail with special instructions on how to prepare for your session with Erin. 

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