Off Leash

Off Leash is being performed at Open Streets 2019. Learn more with the links below.

About the Show
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Neighborhood Partners
Audience FAQ

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About the show


Open Streets Lake + Minnehaha
Sunday, July 21, 11am-4:30pm
3656 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN
Free (donations gratefully received)
No reservations needed

Noodle the dog has lost his human. The human left clues to where she went, but Noodle needs some help to collect the clues and find her. Help this poor pup by using a smartphone app to visit destinations along Minnehaha Avenue and collect clues to solve the puzzle. You’re Noodle’s only hope!

Off Leash takes you on an exciting adventure to solve a mystery. Wear comfy shoes, bring your charged cell phone, and dress for the weather, because it’s time for Open Streets!

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artist profiles

Travis Bedard (Noodle) is a theatre wonk and performer who has wowed audiences in California, Texas, and Minnesota, among other places.

Margo Gray (Director, Writer) is pleased to be bringing Playable Artworks' interactive style to Open Streets for the first time. She’s looking forward to taking different show, Second Skin, to the Minnesota Fringe Festival in August. Learn more at

Suzi Juul (Dr. Sylvia) is an actor, singer, and voice talent whose work can frequently be seen across the Twin Cities.

Pip Winkle (Visual Artist) draws things. You can follow them on Twitter: @periwinklepip

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Neighborhood Partners

These friends are working with us to deliver a journey through some curious corners of Minnehaha Avenue.

The Howe

The Fix

Tapestry Folkdance Center

Turquoise Vintage

E’s Emporium

Applied Energy Innovations

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Audience FAQ

Noodle the dog needs your help! (Art by Pip Winkle)

Noodle the dog needs your help! (Art by Pip Winkle)

What is Off Leash? It’s an interactive performance you experience through your smartphone. It takes you to destinations around Minnehaha Avenue during the 2019 Open Streets festival. Imagine a scavenger hunt/audio tour that lets you choose where to go.

Who is this for? Off Leash is a family-friendly show. All ages could enjoy the show with the assistance of an adult. But it’s fun for adults, too! If you like dogs or have one of your own, you might have an especially good time.

Where is it? The Playable Artworks tent will be set up near Minnehaha Avenue and 37th St. There you can get instructions and materials for the experience. The route runs three blocks south on Minnehaha (less than half a mile), and you can choose what stops you want to visit. Participating venues include some of our favorite businesses along the Minnehaha corridor.

How long does it take? There’s no time limit, and you’re welcome to stop and explore along the route. If you play straight through, the experience takes 20-40 minutes.

What should I bring? You’ll need a smartphone. If you want to download the app in advance, you can do that on Google Play (if you have an Android) or the App Store (if you have an iPhone). Headphones might be useful, though not required. Comfortable walking shoes are good! If you have a dog friend who’s on a leash, they’re welcome to join you, though there are some stops where they aren’t able to go inside.

What does it cost? It’s free and open to the public! There’s a suggested donation of $3 to $15 to support our work, but you choose whether to contribute. Just stop by during Open Streets to play.

I have more questions! What should I do? Email and ask away!

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