Audience FAQ for Second Skin
What is an interactive horror adventure?


  • What is Second Skin? It’s an interactive horror adventure in which you, the audience member, are the protagonist. You move around the Seven Corners neighborhood as you try your hand at the role of a medium's assistant.

  • Wait, it's just me? Yes. Second Skin is designed to be experienced by one audience member at a time. When you purchase a ticket, you will receive a specific start time for your experience. This start time is reserved for you alone.

  • Cool.

  • So how many tickets are available? Due to the intimate nature of this show, there are less than 200 tickets available for the entire run of the festival. Be sure to get your ticket early. Tickets are advance sale only; there won't be any available at the door.

  • I'm scared to go alone! Well, OK. If that's really how you feel. We won't judge you. If you have concerns about exploring the West Bank on your own, we invite you to purchase a Buddy System pass. This will admit you and a friend to the show. Note that one person will be driving the experience, and the other will be listening in, kind of like another ghost following you around. Or, a ghost. There’s not another ghost following you, probably. We'll provide you with a headphone splitter so you can both listen to the same phone. To do this, select “Buddy System” as your ticket type when you check out. If you want to experience the show alone, select a "Solo" $20 ticket. E-mail with questions.

  • Do I have to use a smartphone app? The show is delivered via app, so yes indeed, you will need to use the app. If you don’t have your own phone, see below. You’ll get instructions on how to download the app before you arrive at the theater, so you don’t have to use up a lot of data on site. Make sure your phone is charged!

  • Do I need my own phone? If you have a smart phone that can download apps from the App Store or Google Play Store, you'll probably want to use your own phone. Be sure to bring headphones, too.

  • I don't have a phone like that, though! Never fear. We have a phone you can use. If you're unfamiliar with smart phones, we suggest you come a few minutes early to get a quick tutorial of how to use it.

  • You said something about headphones? If you're using your own phone and you have headphones you like, you're welcome to use those. However, we do have over-ear, wired headphones you can use. Keep in mind they will need to be plugged into your device using a standard audio jack, so if you have a Pixel 2, an iPhone 7, etc., consider bringing an adaptor. Over-ear headphones will give you the best listening experience, though, so we recommend those.

  • So it’s being performed outside? Yes! Most of Second Skin takes place outdoors. Since we perform rain or shine, you'll want to dress for the weather. You should plan to be outside for about 60 minutes, but there's no way to be certain where the adventure will take you.

  • Am I going to be running around and jumping and stuff? The performance route is around one mile, and allows a fairly leisurely pace. No jumping required. And we don't suggest that you run. That only makes the spirits want to chase you.

  • How scary is this thing? There is some intense subject matter and some adult situations. If you're interested in hearing about specific trigger warnings, you can find a list here, e-mail us at It's not like a haunted house, with people jumping out at you. But when you think about it, isn't life pretty scary to begin with?

  • Suuure, I guess, from a certain point of view.

  • Anyway, when you say interactive, what exactly do you mean? The show is delivered through an interactive phone app. You'll be directed to answer questions and make decisions by pushing buttons within the app. There are different tracks within the piece, so audience members will have different experiences. Finally, you'll have a decision to make that will determine the outcome of the show.

  • What kind of decision? You'll see.

  • Okay, that's ominous.

  • I heard there’s more to the show than what happens on site. What’s up with that? After you purchase a ticket, you’ll get access to materials that you can explore at will. You can learn more about the world of the play and pick up clues that may change your experience of the performance.

  • There’s homework?! Do I have to do it? Not at all! You will still be able to enjoy the show if you don’t look at any of the other available material.

  • What should I bring? Definitely bring your cell phone, and be sure it's charged. (If you don't have a cell phone, it's not the end of the world, see above.) A pair of headphones is also useful, if you've got 'em (over-ear headphones are best!). You'll want to dress for the weather, which might mean bringing an umbrella. Wear comfy shoes, because you won't be doing much sitting during the performance. Other than that, come as you are.

  • Anything I shouldn’t bring? We don’t have a bag check, so we recommend that you travel light. Hauling too much stuff might get tedious.

  • How long is the show? Approximately 60 minutes. This depends on the choices you make and your walking speed. We allow an additional 10 minutes for transit and checkout, so plan to take up to 70 minutes.

  • Is the performance physically accessible? The main route of the show includes one flight of stairs. There is a step-free, wheelchair-accessible track available. To make sure we're ready for you, if you would like to use a stair-free performance track, please e-mail us at when you purchase your tickets, or at least 24 hours before your performance. Accessible performance routes are available only during certain hours, so be sure to purchase your ticket between 1 and 3pm on Saturdays, or contact us for other options.

  • Why is this show more expensive than all the other Twin Cities Horror Festival Shows? What makes you so darn special? We can only host one audience member at a time, which means you get a highly personal experience at our show. The extra ticket costs goes to pay for things like the technology we use in the show that makes it possible for us to give you an interactive experience!

  • What else can you tell me about the Twin Cities Horror Festival? It's eleven days of horrific performances by some of the Twin Cities' most exciting artists. Learn more about the seven-year-old festival here, and see the other shows in the festival line-up here.

  • Where can I get tickets? Right here!

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